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Baked Ethical Sustainable Tasty Treats for dogs


Spoil your best friend with healthy, tasty treats that don't cost the Earth! 

Baked Ethical Sustainable Tasty Treats for dogs

Our Biscuits

A wide variety of Natural Healthy Options


Healthy treats for dogs!

All of our treats are made using only GLUTEN FREE flours, they are low in fat, made from fresh, natural ingredients, organic and local where possible, and baked at home. We have a wide menu of treats available to suit every dog, whether your pooch is a large working dog or a small teacup Chihuia, whether your dog needs to lose weight or increase their immunity on a daily basis. We have ingredients including a range of healing botanics, meaty biscuits with high protein content for increased muscle development, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan treats to suit every canine palate. 

Every type of treat has been given the thumbs up by our animal testers, namely Luna and Finn!

Natural dog treats

Baked Ethical Sustainable Tasty Treats for dogs

All natural products


Everything is made eco-friendly from our sustainable list of 100% natural ingredients to our packaging, including packaging for online orders. EVERYTHING we use is 100% compostable or recyclable and we use packaging made from already recycled materials everywhere we can! 

Reduce your dogs carbon paw print - buy treats that don't cost the Earth!

Baked Ethical Sustainable Tasty Treats for dogs

Natural dog treats. Healthy treats for dogs!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We want you to be completely satisfied with our products which is why we have a great returns policy when things don't work out! 

Healthy treats for dogs!

Baked Ethical Sustainable Tasty Treats for dogs

Check out how fab our launch went!

Thanks to Henri Alabi for making this short film.

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