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Baked Ethical Sustainable Tasty Treats for dogs

The BESTT Story

A Belief in Sustainability and Delicious, Healthy Dog Treats That Don't Cost the Earth!


Since the beginning of the concept of BESTT our aim has been to provide you with the best baked, ethical, sustainable tasty treats available on the market today. We are a family run business with Finn and Luna being our product testers. Nothing leaves the kitchen without being tried and tested first. We believe you should know exactly what's in your dogs biscuits, we use simple natural ingredients, absolutely no additives, in fact nothing you couldn't eat yourself! 

As dogs can be sensitive to wheat flour we bake all of our biscuits gluten free, including our chocolate bars. We pride ourselves on our creativity, from the balance of ingredients to the naming of the treats.  We use the highest quality ingredients, fresh and local where possible to bake the most yummiest biscuits available. 

Genuinely Homemade

All of our products are made in our kitchen, cooled and packed by hand at home.


We make responsible decisions about the producing of our biscuits and their packaging and distribution. We only use 100% compostable materials in all of our packaging. Our online sales are packaged in boxes made from recycled materials and we use Eco-Flo biodegradable packing peanuts, manufactured in the UK to ensure your biscuits arrive in one piece. We believe your dog wouldn't want you to have a negative impact on the planet on their behalf. So reduce your pets paw print and buy the BESTT!

All products have been tested on animals, most specifically Finn and Luna.

Dogs Beware!

Everything is edible by your humans!

Baked ethical, sustainable, tasty treats – Because your dog deserves the bestt!

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